The Protean Trader Mentorship Program  is a service I am offering to help a limited number of people on a personalized basis customize and incorporate the comprehensive amount of information covered in The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk, into their own process. I have a great deal of passion about both trading the markets, as well as helping others benefit from The Netto Number and Unit-of-Risk philosophy. The Protean Trader Consulting Program offers a medium to pursue both interests.

 The Protean Trader Mentorship Program is something that helps individuals tailor The Global Macro Edge to their own situation.

In my career, I have worked with hedge fund managers, proprietary traders, analysts, technology personnel, and self-directed investors on a range of subjects. Here is an example of some of the available areas incorporating the processes from The Global Macro Edge:

-          Assessment of the individual or firm’s goals and their game plan to reach those goals

-          Comprehensive analysis of operations, analytics, and execution

-          Attaching a value to every aspect of one’s investment ecosystem

-          Building proprietary software

-          Automating a trading system

-          Building an intuition infrastructure

-          Performance evaluation using the Netto Number™

-          Incorporating regime analysis into one’s process

-          Trading journal implementation and maintenance

-          Deconstruction and reconstruction of a trading plan

-          Reoccurring check-ins to help ensure accountability of trading plan

-          Implementing “The Risk Factor Compensation System”

-          Identifying the X-Factor in an individual when developing a trading team

-          And much more

At this time, The Mentorship Program is only available on a very limited basis. Please email info@theproteantrader to learn more and receive a mentorship application.


Good luck in the Markets,

John Netto

Author – The Global Macro Edge

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