Central Bank Indexes


John Netto, Author of The Global Macro Edge, to launch Central Bank Index Product

John Netto, author of The Global Macro Edge and creator of MPACT! Software, will launch a set of central bank indexes to help individuals analyze the results of key central bank meetings. The indexes will combine Netto’s expertise of synthetically modeling central bank meetings with the power of MPACT! Software to quickly aggregate, analyze, and disseminate the results of these market moving events into actionable analysis.

"The moments that follow the release of a key FOMC statement can be hectic and confusing," said John Netto. "I created MPACT Software to simplify the process of analyzing these events by aggregating all of the key aspects of a statement and distilling it into a single grade. The goal is to help users of the product more efficiently asses how these market-moving events will impact risk sentiment and take necessary action." 

The product's release is planned for the first half of 2019. There will be indexes for the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and Bank of Canada. 

Testimonials -

"As someone who has watched the development of the MPACT! Central Bank Indexes since their inception in 2015, I can comment firsthand to their robustness. Over this time, they have been an integral part of managing event risk in our firm’s portfolio. The actionable nature of the analysis distilled into easy-to-understand terms has allowed for seamless integration into our trading protocol. This was prominently displayed for the FOMC statement released on December 19, 2018. Within seconds of the statement being released to the public, a HAWKISH grade of the event appeared in my MPACT! user portal. This grade was the catalyst to sell a meaningful S&P 500 futures position near 2585. 15 minutes later the S&P was trading at 2535, by the end of the day at 2490, and by the end of the week at 2410 (down roughly 670 basis points in 50 hours). The value of this product is demonstrable, actionable, and unequivocal.”

- Jason Roney—Chief Investment Officer of Bluegrass Capital Management (Commodity Trading Advisor Firm managing $400 Million)



For more information and receive a brochure please email info@theproteantrader.com or call 1.702.340.6960



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